Buffalo Chicken Muffins…DELISH!

Image 2Delicious dinner tonight with muffin tin recipe from Emily Bites. It was simple and easy to put together. I had to plan out the meal since it required a few ingredients that I don’t normally keep on hand (wonton wrappers and  The Laughing Cow blue cheese triangles).  Otherwise, simple ingredients include chicken breast, hot sauce, celery and cheddar cheese. Snap..done in a few minutes. These were great to add to half a plate of veggies….

Traveling? What’s Your Food Plan?



My NY Life client is going to visit her family in Mexico and she sent a grocery list in preparation for her arrival. Her sister sent her this beautiful photo of her grocery list, LIVE.  Now that’s what I call a good plan.  On the list you see tons of fresh produce, carrots, squash, salad greens, verdolagas (to be cooked without fat, per further instructions), jicama, melon, eggplant, celery and red pepper. Some flour to make baked corn chips.

When you are traveling it is so important to think about your food ahead of time.  You may not be staying with relatives but some travel tips for eating healthy and not blowing it all:

  • Pack healthy snacks
  • Go online prior to your trip to see what restaurants you will go to and  pre plan your meals
  • Enjoy your vacation and your food but don’t overdo it.
  • Eat a light breakfast and lunch to give yourself more room for extra calories at dinner

Whats your vacation healthy eating plan so you don’t sabotage all your hard work?


Did You Know That Zero (0) Grams of Trans Fat Does Not Necessarily Mean Zero?

Image 2 Image 1


The nutrition facts panel (food label) on these delicious Girl Scout Cookies say they have Zero Grams of Trans Fat.  You can see it in the pic above.  But, did you know that by definition “ZERO” on a Nutrition Facts Panel does not necessarily mean ZERO? It means less than .5 grams.  The “definitions” that are regulated by the FDA are a little tricky, so don’t be fooled. Whenever you see the words “Partially Hydrogenated or Hydrogenated Oil” in the list of ingredients, CODE for TRANS FAT.  In this case it was the second ingredient which, by the way, means it’s the second most predominant ingredient in the cookie recipe.

If you have 4 cookies you are looking at close to 1 gram of Trans Fat. It doesn’t seem like a lot but The American Heart Association recommends less than 2 grams of trans fat per day.  If you consider all the other food you eat in a day the small amount of trans fat in these cookies add up.

I love and support the Girl Scouts as much as anyone else does, don’t get me wrong. I bought 2 boxes of cookies today and I give these devoted girls a lot of credit for their community service.  Whoever is in charge of getting these cookies made really needs to change the ingredients like so many other baked goods manufacturers did.

What do you think?